Software for comprehensive control of Accounts Receivables in companies having substantial number of debtors and invoices


In-house built Account Receivables control and e-invoicing system c-Profit has been implemented in 20 European countries. Major implementations include two biggest shipping companies in the world – Maersk Line and Mediterranean Shipping Company. C-Profit can be integrated with any ERP or financial software (SAP, Oracle and ) and its Account Receivables Control Module guarantees overdue receivables reduction of at least 15%.

If you need more additional information about our C-Profit, please write to us and we’ll arrange a meeting or a conference call to answer all your questions.

Benefits of choosing C-PROFIT

  • overdue receivables reduction

    Reduction of overdoes by at least 15% and clear picture of Account Receivables portfolio.

  • Automated Workflow

    Sending e-statements and dunning letters to debtors triggered and performed automatically based on workflow definition.


    No installation on user’s workstation required – only internet connection and web browser is required.

Easy Access from the Web

Data seen via www interface allows easy access from anywhere on any web enabled device.

Multi language support

System can translate and output documents from various systems and languages, including Arabic alphabets.

Integration with ERP systems

System integrated with various ERP class solutions including SAP and Oracle.

Comprehensive Reporting

Internal & external dynamic reporting of all data stored in the system.