We are a team of experienced software designers and developers passionate about software and dedicated to helping our clients solve complex business cases. Client satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our everyday work. We are focused to provide dedicated software solutions for industries where large volume of data is being processed.

AdvanFile was founded back in 2007. First applications were created to satisfy the needs of global marine logistics market. First dedicated software solutions had been implemented in the largest container shipping line in the World – Maersk Line. Our skills were appreciated by others soon after. Today our client portfolio includes other global corporations such as COSCO and CMA/CGM. Key employees are certified project managers with 10+ experience in implementing enterprise class solutions for  multinational corporations. Constant exchange of information and experience with our customers allows us to stay on top of the market’s expectations. Our targets is to deliver exceptional software tailored to customers’ needs.


AdvanFile is will increase its shares’ value through delivering profitable products and its top class support, generating added value for our customers.


We will fulfil the requirements pertaining to information technologies in companies, where information and production related processes constitute core of the business.


AdvanFile demands and maintains high ethical standards in carrying out its business activities. We conduct our business fairly, in an ethical and proper manner, and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. According to that AdvanFile builds long-term relationships with suppliers, customers and competitors on a fair and honest basis and is not taking any unfair-dealing practice. AdvanFile is opposed to corruption and bribery and does not tolerate practices that seek to obtain business through improper means. AdvanFile will not knowingly carry out violation of intellectual property rights. Protection of the environment, have high priority. Quality management is an integral part of all AdvanFile operations.