• An instrument for comprehensive control of Accounts Receivables in companies having substantial number of debtors and/or invoices issued.
  • Modern tool for e-invoicing and electronic distribution of financial documents.
  • Workflow solution managing control over incoming and missing payments, integrated with SAP, Oracle and other ERP class software.
  • Real time reporting in line with business standards (DSO, Over 7 Days late, etc.).
  • Internet microsite for customers to download invoices and look up outstanding reports.

ERP Integration

Modern technology, capable to integrate with customers’ applications, such SAP, Oracle and other premium ERP class software.

Unlimited Licence

Unlimited Licence allows use of the C-Profit by entire Firm, covering an unlimited number of users and locations.


Automated Account Receivables control – sending e-statements and dunning letters to debtors triggered and performed automatically based on workflow definition.

Integration - with various systems at once enables possibility to match operational and financial data in distributed documents. System integrated with ERP class solutions including SAP and Oracle.

Internal and external reporting – dynamic reporting of all data stored in the system and arranged to company needs as well as generating various statements and statistics for customers.

DSO and Overdues Dashboard - easy to operate tool which gives a helicopter view on debts.

Document distribution – C-Profit supports both PUSH and PULL models. Hence, all documents can be either sent by EDI, mail, etc. or placed on a dedicated website on Internet.

Multi Language support - including Arabic alphabets, can translate and output documents from various systems and languages.


Invoice distribution module (MIM) – enables users to print on network printers in different locations, sending invoices as PDF files, sending invoices as Special Billing Formats (K&N, Nike and others), sending invoices via EDI.

Invoices can be distributed to different e-mail addresses depending on invoice type or other details specified.

Invoicing process can be customised according to local law – printouts alongside e-invoicing and other.

Electronic signature certificate model is supported by c-Profit.


Ergonomic creation of statements and other excel reports with all invoice related data.

Excel report linking invoices and container numbers.

Integration with local systems – guarantee of data integrity.

Reporting – dynamic reporting of outstanding, overdues, calculation of DSO and ageing (per agency and per customer).

Outstanding with graphic presentation of indicators available for employees via www. Very important source of information during cargo release or verification of credit terms.

Single dashboard with presentation of data in time – possibility to “freeze” data picture for reporting purposes and credit management.


C-Profit would be serving purpose of Accounts Receivables control tool on all levels of the ogranisation. Its basic characteristics would be:

Single dashboard for clear communication.

Targets set, communicated and controlled within one application.

Drill down lists of  “Top 25 Debtors”  with possibility of free-text explanations.

Clear presentation of customers’ payment habits – useful during pricing negotiations or credit agreement renewal.

www interface

Data seen via www – easy access from anywhere and on any web browsing enabled device.

Low cost of IT maintenance

No installation on user’s workstation required – only internet connection and web browser is required.

Customer Satisfaction

Increasing customer satisfaction with efficient documents distribution.